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A Note from Maria Grazia

Dear Readers,
This story was told to my brother Gianpietro and me by our grandfather Antonio Panighello, in the late 1950’s, in our historical northern Italian family home. Grandpa Toni would invent children’s stories to tell us as we did not have any books to read. Among his many stories, “The Sasini” story is the one I most vividly remember. This story would make my brother Gianpietro and me along with Grandpa Toni, laugh to no end. In creating this book I placed my brothers, Gianpietro (Pietro), Alessandro (who had not been born yet), and I in Grandpa Toni’s Sasini story. The story unfolds in the Bosco Forest, an ancient woodland visible from our great grandparent’s home. Both the woods where the story takes place and the big house where many family generations were born are still there. Today, the big house is my brother Alessandro’s family home. In telling the story, I am passing down to the next generation a personal look of how cultural values and experience were taught in the oral tradition, without books. It included improvisation and creativity while providing entertainment and humor. The cultural life l came to know in the historical family home, where I too was born, was the inspiration for this book. I hope to extend to all children reading this book the same opportunity to laugh when hearing “Grandpa Toni’s Sasini Story”. I know for my brothers and myself the story has brought a lot of joy.
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